Shorefall Sure Fell Short

“All things have a value. Sometimes the value is paid in coin. Other times, it is paid in time and sweat. And finally, sometimes it is paid in blood.

Humanity seems most eager to use this latter currency. And we never note how much of it we’re spending, unless it happens to be our own.”

Robert Jackson Bennett, Foundryside

I received this ARC from NetGalley and Random House in exchange for an honest review.


I was SO excited to get this ARC for two reasons. One, because it would give me a reason to read Foundryside (it had been gathering dust on my bookshelf), and two, the fabulous cover.

Unfortunately, I found Shorefall to be seriously lacking. The digressive plot seemed to scope further backward into the self-referential, while the characters seemed stagnant in this ever-widening world. I could be biased because Foundryside was a chore to read, and thus totally against it from the start. Then again, it’s also because Foundryside’s most redeeming quality was the friendship developing between Sancia and Clef, which was missing in Shorefall.

Where the first book had some interesting world and character building, this one had none. The characters were dull and uninspiring and it made the book near impossible to finish. The magical system so unique and fun but the author described it at SUCH length in this book that I’m thoroughly burnt out on it.

Shorefall is bloated in length and in plot, but will I read the 3rd installment of the Founders Trilogy? Probably. Something in me is hoping for another glimmer of Foundryside.

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